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Annual reports and financial statements

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Our Activities

The partner organizations of GEcsn currently employ around 280 local staff members who care for about 2’600 marginalized and vulnerable children every day. All their programs aim to develop a holistic approach to protect and care for children in Cambodia, and for their families and communities.

GEcsn works closely with its partners to ensure that each program is run efficiently and that all children get the care they need. GEcsn also ensures that strong links are kept between its partners so that each program can benefit from the experiences made by the other programs.

The main activities of GEcsn include:

a. Know-how and knowledge transfer:

  • sharing information and experiences;
  • developing quality assurance procedures to improve the current programs;providing fundraising support;
  • linking its partners with international experts;
  • providing advice, support and technical expertise during the development phase of new projects;
  • providing short-term support (emergency budget) to solve unexpected problems.

b. Financial support within the network to:

  • run current projects;
  • start up new projects;
  • provide emergency funds in emergency and/or transitional periods.

To professionalize its activities, GEcsn hires Technical Advisors (TAs) to work in the field in Cambodia. Each of them is specialized in one of the following fields: project management, fundraising, education, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, disability, … The TAs work directly with the staff of GEcsn’s partners depending on the needs defined in the contracts signed by each partner at the beginning of each year.