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Annual reports and financial statements

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Vision and Mission

Our vision is to give all vulnerable Cambodian children equal access to children's rights. Our target groups include children victim of trafficking, children working and living in the street, children victims of any kind of abuse or exploitation, children suffering of substance abuse, and children with mental and/or physical disabilities.

Our mission is to work with local organizations caring for the most vulnerable and marginalized children of Cambodia with the support of local communities as well as representatives from the government and civil organizations.

Our main goals:

  • Prevention of child abuse, substance abuse, and child trafficking (internal and cross-border);
  • Rehabilitation of under-age substance abusers and traumatized children;
  • Education through formal and informal programs, as well as vocational training (carpentry, tailoring, mechanic, hairdressing, and others);
  • Reintegration of trafficked and runaway children into their communities and, when possible, their families.
  • Care for children, youth and young adults with mental and/or physical disabilities (physical and occupational therapies, as well as specialized education).