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Komar Pikar Foundation (KPF)


The Komar Pikar Foundation (KPF) was established in 2007 and officially registered with the Ministry of Interior in 2008. It is a Cambodian non-governmental organization focused on the development of programs and strategies to address the needs and promote the rights of children and youth with moderate to severe disabilities (CYMSD) across Cambodia. KPF addresses this through the establishment of practical pilot/demonstration programs, in combination with national networking and its engagement with strategies that support new policy development and new activity implementation by governmental and non-governmental organizations.

KPF has the capacity to deliver high quality programs, services, and support. Its advocacy program and partnerships are delivering expanded services for CYMSD and their families through, for example, the development of specialized services and the inclusion in mainstream government and non-government legislations, policies, plans and programs. KPF is also working closely with government departments, NGOs, private businesses and another six NGO partners in other provinces, to promote self-help groups and networking for parents of children with disabilities.

With a long-term commitment to supporting CYMSD and their families, KPF has developed the Pathway program, a five year strategic plan and direction (2012-2016). This program has a clear and comprehensive strategy and is aimed at specific target groups. Its procedures have been carefully formulated and documented to ensure that all KPF staff will be able to follow them systematically and efficiently. Staff members have been trained for this new program and on disability care in general in order to maximize the quality of services. All staff members are dedicated to improving the lives of children with disabilities and their families.

KPF is currently actively involved in improving the lives of 80 children. This in turn improves the well-being of some 200 family members as well as their ability to advocate for children with disability to be inclusive members of the community.

KPF's Children in Communities Program include:

  • Community Day Centers and Home Based Projects: this program enables children with moderate and severe disabilities to learn, develop and meet their goals through high quality services and support.
  • Activity Centre and Life After School Projects: this program works with youth with moderate to severe disabilities to teach them new life skills and to participate in community, assisting them to become as independent as possible.

KPF has a strong partnership with the parents and care-takers of the children with disabilities to ensure long-term change. KPF works to empower and mobilize them to advocate for the rights and needs of their children, using Self Help Groups and Parent Associations.

KPF works with the communities and their leaders to help them adopt its vision for an inclusive community where everyone is valued, while at the same time advocating for improved specialized services, in partnership with government and non-government service providers and legislators.

GEcsn has supported KPF since 2009.